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Crashedeal Discounts

Crashedeal Discounts offering a pioneer method for the customers to discover the best available offers/deals/discounts in the market through its partners/merchants, resulting in lots of saving with fantastic community experiences. 

Crashware ERP Suite

Crashware ERP Suite a business solution is for small, medium & large corporation to stimulate their operations automated & more organize. with our holistic latest technology. To know more please click to “Learn More” button. 

Crashfix Ad

Crashfix Ad Digital’s goal is to drive traffic to your business whether it is online or brick & mortar. Our aim is to convert a one-time visitor into a loyal customer with our AI driven technology. To know more please click to “Learn More” button. 

Crashstore Cloud

Crashstore Cloud is the fastest, tech-friendly and simple technology with cost-effective manner . Our aim is to give redundant extensive support to any large or small companies. To know more please click to “Learn More” button.

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Crashedeal Limited a Tech Company consist of different tech based solutions provider. Emerged with Discount Solution to connect Customers & Merchants. After the vacuum of software & digital transformation in different market Crashedeal launched ERP, Cloud and Digital Advertise solution to facilitate Digital Tech Transformation. 


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